About Cobblestone Farm and why Highlands.....

Cobblestone Farm is located on the edge of the preserved Kettle Moraine State Forest. The farm was purchased in 1997 to ensure that it would remain a working farm and to preserve the prominent wetlands and forest that begin at the edges of our farmland. Cobblestone Farm began with a search for a breed that was old world, pure and undisturbed by the centuries of mass production. After researching several different cattle breeds, our search came to an end with the discovery of the Highland cattle. Our first two Highlands we purchased were Marsh Creek Becky and Marsh Creek Jenna, and thus our lessons among Highland cattle began. We have diversified our gene pool and purchased cattle from Washington to New York. Our herd base was built for quality breeding stock that has the ability to produce an excellent carcass. Our base herd that was started in 1999 still remains with us and these cows are still producing excellent calves that excel in the ring and when harvested, some of the most exquisite beef that you can ever have the pleasure of tasting. The Highland Cattle have stood the test of time with our farm and have proven time and time again that they are a self-sufficient, docile, easy to manage breed of cattle, not to mention that there does not come a day when standing amongst them makes one feel like royalty. So come on in and browse our site and see what the Highland breed has to offer for you.

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